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Display selected Google & Facebook reviews on your hostel or hotel website, increase traffic to your website, build trust with guests & make more direct bookings

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Reviews for Hostels

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Hostel Han using Innova reviews - Hostel Han

Hostel Han

Connected their Google reviews and Facebook reviews and had 60+ reviews online on their hostel website within 5 minutes of creating an account at Innova. The hostel owner, Arben, will also integrate Innova into his other business, The Lobby Boy, a Hotel PMS.

Manage your hostel & hotel guest reviews professionally with Innova

Free Social Media Content

Creating social media content is costly and time consuming. Reviews are your new source of free content, share reviews to Facebook & Twitter with 1 click.

Collect More Reviews Easily

Collecting reviews manually is slow and painful. Add a prominent ‘Leave A Review’ link to your website and collect more reviews effortlessly.

Protect Against Bad Reviews

Don’t let bad reviews damage your business. Receive an alert when you’re given a new review and see suggested actions to protect your reputation.

Compatible with Most Websites

Easy integration with WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and other systems, so you can display your reviews on any website in a matter of minutes.

Respond to Your Customers

Take the pain out of replying to reviews. With Innova you can respond to all reviews from a single dashboard, replies can be public or private.

Moderate Your Hostel Reviews

No review is published without your approval. Select which reviews are displayed on your website, and reply to a review without displaying it.

Customise Colour & Position

Choose your review display: create a reviews page, or show your reviews in a tab in the corner of your site. Choose a colour and position to suit your website.

Suggested Actions Using AI

Good, mediocre and bad reviews are flagged in green, orange and red. Save time with helpful suggestions of actions you could take with each hostel review.

Fantastic, useful product
Just letting you know we're really liking InnovaReviews. Have had it on our site for over a month, mainly used as a way to consolidate other reviews (FB, TripAdvisor) and share on our site.

Joslyn EricksonOwner, HopOnBrewery Tours, Brisbane, Australia

Easy-to-install widgets look great on your hostel or hotel website

Review Tab

Sits in the corner of your website, choose your colour

Review Slider

Automatically scrolls through your embedded reviews

Review Window

Add your own ‘Our Reviews’ page by embedding in your website

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