Easy-to-Use Powerful Review Features

Innova gathers reviews from Google, Facebook and direct reviews

Display Google & Facebook reviews on your own website

You choose which reviews to show

Innova lets you connect your Google reviews from your ‘Google My Business’ page into the Innova dashboard.
Once your Google and Facebook accounts are connected, all new reviews given on those platforms are fed into your central review inbox. Never again have a review online without knowing about it.
From your dashboard read all your reviews and select which reviews to display on your website. No troll or fake reviews are displayed on your own website.
Innova doesn’t touch your Google profile or Facebook page in anyway other than collecting reviews.

Innova dashboard gives clear overview of review performance

Take full control of all your business’s reviews

Better together, all your reviews in one place

Innova gives full visibility of all your business reviews from multiple sources in a single dashboard, saving you the time of logging in to various systems.
See your overall rating score and how many 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star reviews you’ve been given.
See the most commonly used words in your reviews, highlighted in your dashboard.
Read all your reviews from the central dashboard and choose which reviews appear on your own website – take full control of your business reviews.
New review alerts are sent when new reviews are given

Get new review alerts when people give reviews of your business

Know immediately when reviews are given

When a review of your business is given on Google, Facebook or directly, one of Innova’s a key features is to send you a notification. Be amongst the first to read your reviews so you can take early action to resolve any possible bad reviews before any harm comes to your brand.
If you receive a direct review straight into Innova, it’s not publicly displayed on your website until you read it and decide whether to publish it or not. No fake or troll reviews are displayed on your website.
Reply to reviews, publicly or privately

Respond to reviews and set the record straight

Build customer engagement and trust

Customers who give reviews love to hear back from you and to know you care about their experience at your business. Responding to a bad or a fake review can be a great way to turn a negative situation into a positive win.
Reply to Google reviews directly from Innova, and the responses appear on Google, same with Facebook, as well as on your website.
You can make your reply public or keep your messages with the customer private, you choose.
Reviews can be shared to social media with just a click

Share awesome reviews to social & build your business’s brand

Reviews are free content for your social

Another key benefit of Innova is to save you money, time and the hassle of constantly creating new and engaging content for social media. Post your favorite reviews directly to Facebook or Twitter in one click from the Innova dashboard.
Let new customers see how your existing customers love your business and watch your reputation and brand grow.
Managing all your customer reviews through Innova gives you a new, free and fresh source of social content.
Rich snippets gain gold stars in Google search results

Improve your SEO and rank ahead of competitors in search results

Reviews contain valuable keywords

When a user searches for your business, Google finds websites with the most relevant keywords to show in the search results. Google also look for websites with fresh content. Reviews provide both fresh and keyword rich content, displayed directly on your website thanks to Innova.
More visitors will see your website if your business appears in the top spots of the Google search results. Rank higher than your competitors and customers will find your business first.
With great SEO you can reduce the amount you spend on paid advertising.
Reviews are flagged with possible follow up suggestions

Suggested actions to help you manage your reviews

Review sentiment analysis, with AI

We’re developing cutting edge AI technology that tracks your ratings and identifies keywords, adjacent words and term frequency. In other words we’re learning if the review is good, bad or indifferent. In your Innova review inbox, good, mediocre and bad reviews are flagged. There are suggestions of actions you could take with each review.
Understanding reviews and knowing when to take action builds customer engagement, builds trust and builds your brand.

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