Frequently Asked Questions

Is Innova now FREE?

Yes! The new Basic plan is 100% FREE forever – it allows you to gather your Google & Facebook reviews into a single system so they are easy to keep track of. You can then display your favourite 3 reviews on your website, and share those reviews to Facebook & Twitter with just a click – this is absolutely free.

How long is the free trial on the paid plans?

The free trial for the Pro plan is 14 days long.

If you need more time, just let us know:

What free and paid plans are available and how much does Innova cost?

There are 2 plans available: Basic & Pro.
Basic is 100% Free, it allows you to display 3 reviews on your website. The most popular plan for the typical business is Pro, it allows you to display unlimited number of reviews on your website.

What types of review display are there?

There are currently 2 types of review display. The Review Tab is a tab that appears in the bottom corner of your website. The Review Window embeds in a your website so you can create a Reviews page.

Can the Review Tab appear on more than 1 page of my site?

Yes. We recommend you add the Review Tab to all pages of your website to give your reviews maximum visibility to customers.

Can I select which reviews are displayed on my website?

Yes. You have full control over which reviews are displayed and which are not on your own website.

Can reviews on my website help bring more visitors?

Yes, because reviews can contain keywords and are unique content, also they are added regularly. Keywords and ‘Fresh content’ are recommended by Google so they are great for search engine optimisation (SEO).

How many reviews do I need to improve my ranking?

Google don’t give an exact number of reviews you should have, but we believe you should collect more than 30 reviews to help your search ranking improve.

Do I get notified when I receive a new review?

Yes, Innova sends you a notification whenever you receive a review, so reviews are not online long without you knowing about them..

How do I get to see my new reviews?

New reviews arrive in your Review Inbox in your Innova dashboard, where you can choose to display or not, and you can share them to social media.

Can fake or troll reviews be displayed on my website?

No, because you choose which reviews in your Inbox you wish to display or not.

Reviews can be online on Google or Facebook, we can’t control that, but you can reply to those directly from the dashboard.

How do I deal with negative reviews?

If you receive a negative review you do not have to display it on your own website.

Don’t ignore negative reviews though, reply to the reviewer to settle an issue. Reviewers will greatly appreciate you caring enough about their comment to reply to them, and might change their opinion, and edit their review, due to that.

Can I reply to the reviewer?

Yes, you can reply to the reviewer either publicly or privately. You may want to thank reviewers or use this function to settle a negative review.

Will my replies to reviews appear on Google / Facebook?

Yes, Innova is integrated into Google & Facebook, so if you reply to a Google or Facebook review, the replies will also appear there.

Managing Your Reviews

If I use a paid plan, how do I cancel my account?

Just drop us a line at and we’ll cancel your account at the end of the current billing cycle.