Case Study - Kokoda Trekking

Hi I’m Nathan, owner of Kokoda Trekking.

We’re an Australian tour company specialised in hiking the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea.

Innova helped us gain Google gold stars, which has been great for our business. The stars in the search results reassure people searching for a trek that they can trust us, and they also improve our position in the Google search.

The Kokoda Trail is definitely a bucket list thing to do. It’s one of the world’s great treks, and an amazing adventure that you need to do with a tour company that you can trust. 

It’s a long trek, across some quite challenging terrain, so you want to be sure you’re using an experienced trek company to keep you safe, and help you get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

We’ve taken over 1,200 treks during the 18 years we’ve been operating, and we have thousands of satisfied customers, but before Innova we were not fully benefiting from all that. Our website was just one of many, all offering similar treks.

Kokoda Trail trekkers

“Customers want to know which trek provider they can trust.”

There are many tour operators offering treks, it’s pretty competitive to get customers. We wanted to reassure people that they can trust us, show them how happy our customers are! 

Reviews do that; they improve trust and bookings, but before using Innova we weren’t managing them properly.

We plugged Innova into our website which was really simple, and connected our Google reviews and Facebook recommendations with it.

We like how Innova lets us pool all our reviews into one system, it makes it so easy to be on top of them. And of course we like how we can easily display them on our website, which helps us get those valuable Google gold stars.

The reviews are displayed in a format that Google recognises, so the gold stars you see in the Google search results appeared alongside our listing when we started publishing reviews on our website. This makes our tour much more obvious in the search results so we get more visitors to our website.

Case study - rich snippets schema displays gold stars in Google

“We’ve had a 12% increase in enquiries in a year, since we added Innova to our website.

Literally the day after I installed Innova I had a call from a customer who told me she chose our trekking company because she read the reviews on our website! She made a booking there and then, valued at $3,000!

Many of our enquirers mention how they’ve enjoyed reading the great reviews we display on our website with Innova’s Review Tab, and they’ve had a lot of their questions answered by reading the reviews of previous customers.

I think the gold stars in Google really give our website way more credibility than websites without. And then when the person visits our website they trust us more by reading the reviews.

With a trek costing a few thousand dollars and taking place in another country where many things could go wrong, that element of trust is critical.

Case Study - Kokoda Trekking website with Innova Review Tab open

“Innova helped us show our trekking tour company can be trusted.”

Nathan Thomas – owner, Kokoda Trekking

If you’re looking to trek the famous Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea then choose trusted tour operator Kokoda Trekking, based in Brisbane, Australia. See the tours available on their website:

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