About Us

Founded in 2015 and based in Brisbane, Australia.

In 2015 one of our co-founders, with many years of experience in managing guest reviews in the online hotel booking sector (Expedia & Budgetplaces), realised all businesses could benefit from having customer reviews on their own websites, not just hotels.

The co-founders created a review management platform to solve critical issues all business owners face: How can customers find my business? Why will customers trust my business? How can I build my brand? How can I manage my online reputation? What do my customers want? How can I communicate with customers? How can i let new customers know I have many happy customers?

V.1 of Innova allowed for displaying reviews the businesses collected directly from customers in a window on their websites.

Google and Facebook began displaying reviews of businesses. It’s apparent that a customer review eco-system is required to enable business owners to centralize and manage reviews from multiple sources in a single system.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Innova review management platform is fully integrated into Google & Facebook. Reviews from further sources are being added, so business owners can display all their reviews on their own websites. Business owners can also collect reviews directly and import reviews, and manage them all from their Innova Dashboard.